Step Away From That Salad!

Published on
July 16, 2010

Here's what we're reading today:

Fight the Bite: California reports its first human West Nile virus cases of the season, in what appears to be a late start to a mild West Nile season nationally. What's happening in your community? For some resources and ideas for your coverage, check out this Accidental Wonk post.

Elder Abuse: University of California-Irvine is doing some groundbreaking work in preventing elder abuse and its medical effects. One chilling factoid: the cause of bruises can be remembered by most seniors, even those with memory disorders.

Health Fraud: The Feds charged 94 people of bilking Medicare out of $251 million in officials say is the largest coordinated series of federal health fraud cases to date. Arrests were made today in Brooklyn, Miami, Baton Rouge, La., Detroit and Houston.

Salad Daze: After a bagged spinach recall last week, Fresh Express romaine lettuce is now suspect. Time for an old-school head of iceberg?

Nestle Backs Down: After a talking-to from the FDA, Nestle agreed to drop misleading claims that its Boost Kid Essentials could improve kids' immune systems.

It's the last day of our National Health Journalism Fellows' weeklong seminar in Los Angeles. Check out the Twitter chat at #NHJF!