Stress A Problem for Women Trying to Conceive? Not So Much

Published on
February 25, 2011

Here's the latest in health and health journalism news from Reporting on Health:

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Fertility: Good news for worried women trying to conceive: a new study suggests that stress doesn't seem to seem to affect the success of fertility treatment, Nicholas Bakalar reports for the New York Times.

Valley Fever: Valley fever cases in California have doubled in the past year, Nicole Brambila reports for the Desert Sun. Public health experts say weather conditions and a change in disease reporting could explain some of the rise in cases, which are caused by inhaling a fungus spore.

Global Warming: Medical experts warn that more asthma, microbial diseases and heat waves could harm human health if climate change intensifies Steven Reinberg reports for HealthDay.

New Face: A California girl receives surgery to help restore her face disfigured by the rare Parry Romberg syndrome, which causes one side of the face to stop growing, reports Amanda Gardner for

Organ Transplants: Younger, healthier patients could get younger donor kidneys and possibly jump the line over older or sicker, patients if a new proposal from the nation's organ transplant network becomes policy. It could be a major shift in transplant policy, writes Rob Stein for the Washington Post.

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Photo credit: pfly via Flickr