Tuberculosis: In California, a Dramatic Decline

Published on
March 25, 2011

Image removed.Tuberculosis: California and San Francisco are reporting their lowest-ever number of TB cases as the highly infectious lung disease declines across the United States, Erin Allday reports for the San Francisco Chronicle. Still, the state's TB caseload is well above public health goals set by the CDC.

Superbug: A drug-resistant enterobacterium called Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, or CRKP, is spreading in Southern California nursing homes, infecting more than 100 people, Molly Hennessy-Fiske reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Community Clinics: The number of people using community health clinics nationwide is expected to nearly double to 40 million by 2015 because of health reform and other health system changes, Janice Simmons reports for Fierce Healthcare.

Sleep Deprivation: This is kind of a no-brainer: Sleep-deprived adults in a new study ate nearly 300 calories more than their more well-rested counterparts, Nanci Hellmich reports for USA Today. Hope they're not eating movie popcorn, which clocks in 1,460 calories for a large serving.

Melanoma: The FDA just approved an important new drug called Yervoy for treating advanced skin cancer, but will patients and insurers balk at its cost of $120,000 per treatment regimen?

Photo credit: isafmedia via Flickr