What We Talk About When We Talk About Buffett: Warren Buffett's Cancer as a Teachable Moment.

Published on
April 19, 2012

Image removed.Prostate Cancer: Health reporters are using Warren Buffett's announcement that he has prostate cancer to talk about the appropriateness of screening in older men. "There's no reason to check a PSA on an 81-year-old. It's unseemly," one cancer specialist told Scott Hensley at NPR.

Breast Cancer: According Cancer Research UK, breast cancer is actually a cluster of 10 distinct diseases. This insight, published in the journal Nature, could help scientist focus their efforts, reports David Batty for The Guardian.

Oral Health: The American Heart Association has stated that the conventional wisdom that gum disease can cause heart attacks and stroke is wrong, reports Sharon Begley for Reuters.

Mental Health: The Veteran's Department is increasing its staff of mental health professionals to help with the number of returning soldiers seeking assistance, reports James Dao for the New York Times.

Environmental Health: Farmers and food processors banded together to demand that the government regulate genetically modified crops and the chemicals that go with them, reports Carey Gillam for Reuters.

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Photo: Warren Buffet portrait made of barcodes, by Andrew Mager on Flickr Creative Commons.