Youth Journalism Resources

Published on
March 8, 2011

Young people represent the next generation of our reporters. Not only will early training produce a crop of talented journalists, it gives youth a platform to voice how issues directly affect them - all while gaining insight into the topics they research and report. Youth media may appear in the form of school publications, classroom-produced projects, partnerships between youth and media organizations or independent, citywide media outlets. Here are some examples of youth-produced media and teacher resources to get you started:

ASNE High School Journalism Initiative

Hosts teen-generated news and archives journalism lesson plans for instructor use on a broad selection of topics.

CATV's Next Generation Producers

A youth-media partnership with Somerville Community Access Television, including uploaded videos of health-related topics.

L.A. Youth

A citywide youth newspaper which opened its doors in 1988.

RTDNF High School Broadcast Journalism Project

Emphasizes electronic journalism and allows you to search lesson plans by keyword, including a helpful lesson on health and safety reporting.

UNICEF's Voices of our Youth

A website for youth from around the world interested in human rights and development with plenty examples of youth-produced videos, profiles of young media reporters and other related resources.

VOX Teen Communications

A non-profit youth development organization that publishes VOX Teen Newspaper through a youth-adult partnership, among other related community programs.

Youth Journalism International

Youth Journalism International connects teen writers, artists and photographers with peers around the globe, teaches journalism, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and promotes and defends a free youth press.

Youth Media Project

Samples of youth-produced work with an emphasis on radio, and links to teacher resources.

Youth Media Reporter

A multimedia journal focusing on best practices, trends and other useful information for those in the youth media field.

Youth Journalist: Promoting the Power of Journalism

Highlights exceptional work of youth journalists and provides links to various youth media outlets.

YO! (Youth Outlook)

A monthly San Francisco-based newspaper by and about young people, which syndicates articles with photography, interviews, reporting and fiction writing to newspapers across the U.S.