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Youth Journalism Resources

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Youth Journalism Resources

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Young people represent the next generation of our reporters. Not only will early training produce a crop of talented journalists, it gives youth a platform to voice how issues directly affect them - all while gaining insight into the topics they research and report. Youth media may appear in the form of school publications, classroom-produced projects, partnerships between youth and media organizations or independent, citywide media outlets. Here are some examples of youth-produced media and teacher resources to get you started:

ASNE High School Journalism Initiative

Hosts teen-generated news and archives journalism lesson plans for instructor use on a broad selection of topics.

CATV's Next Generation Producers

A youth-media partnership with Somerville Community Access Television, including uploaded videos of health-related topics.

L.A. Youth

A citywide youth newspaper which opened its doors in 1988.

RTDNF High School Broadcast Journalism Project

Emphasizes electronic journalism and allows you to search lesson plans by keyword, including a helpful lesson on health and safety reporting.

UNICEF's Voices of our Youth

A website for youth from around the world interested in human rights and development with plenty examples of youth-produced videos, profiles of young media reporters and other related resources.

VOX Teen Communications

A non-profit youth development organization that publishes VOX Teen Newspaper through a youth-adult partnership, among other related community programs.

Youth Journalism International

Youth Journalism International connects teen writers, artists and photographers with peers around the globe, teaches journalism, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and promotes and defends a free youth press.

Youth Media Project

Samples of youth-produced work with an emphasis on radio, and links to teacher resources.

Youth Media Reporter

A multimedia journal focusing on best practices, trends and other useful information for those in the youth media field.

Youth Journalist: Promoting the Power of Journalism

Highlights exceptional work of youth journalists and provides links to various youth media outlets.

YO! (Youth Outlook)

A monthly San Francisco-based newspaper by and about young people, which syndicates articles with photography, interviews, reporting and fiction writing to newspapers across the U.S.


The USC Center for Health Journalism at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is seeking two Engagement Editors to serve as thought leaders in one of the most innovative and rewarding arenas in journalism today – “engaged reporting” that puts the community at the center of the reporting process. Learn more about the positions and apply to join our team.

Let us support your next ambitious health reporting project through our National Fellowship program. Apply today.

Nowhere was the massive COVID wave of winter 2021 more devastating than in America’s nursing homes, where 71,000 residents died in the surge. In this webinar, we’ll hear from the lead reporter in the USA Today series "Dying for Care," who will show how an original data analysis and an exhaustive reporting effort revealed a pattern of unnecessary deaths that compounded the pandemic’s brutal toll. Sign-up here!


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