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A Hot List of Job Opportunities

A Hot List of Job Opportunities

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Adweek has assembled its annual Hot List of media outlets. They looked at growth and revenue, but also social media influence (measured by Klout) and a reader poll to assess the best media of the year. The list is not only useful for evaluating success, however. If a media property is making money, innovating and is well-received by readers, it might just be a good place to work.

This week in Career GPS, we look at titles on the list that have job openings of interest to journalists and editors who want to work on health.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Hot List features just two newspapers: The New York Times and the Star Tribune. But only the Star Tribune has a job opening that might appeal to health news specialists. They are looking for a part-time "niche reporter." Here's a snippet of the job description.

"This reporter will cover trends and features for targeted publications and online products. She or he will generate story ideas, participate in story generation brainstorming and report and write stories on high-utility and high-interest topics for readers in a wide range of niche products targeted to specific segments of our audience, from health to charitable giving to business to sports."

Men's Health

This Rodale fitness magazine made the list for its contests and "Urbanathalon" events – which build upon a brand that has brought in new subscribers and, Adweek reports, has the highest Klout score of health and fitness magazines.

At the moment, they're hiring a deputy art director. One the communications side, they are looking for a marketing manager and associate director of communications. The positions are all New York-based.

Runner's World

In niche sports publishing, Adweek features a second Rodale magazine for its subscription growth and smart apps, as well as its social media savvy.

The magazine is currently seeking a shoes and gear editor at its Emmaus, Pennsylvania office.

Food Network Magazine

"Two years after Food Network Magazine upended the cooking magazine category based on the popularity of the eponymous network, it's still sizzling. (No wonder, then, that Hearst is giving the model another go with its new HGTV Magazine.)"

This young magazine was chosen for its increased advertising and circulation.

They are looking for a food editor and senior designer in New York.


The top Adweek readers' choice in health and fitness magazines was another Rodale publication. Prevention is definitely hiring on the editorial side. They've listed openings for an assistant digital news and health editor, junior producer, and assistant digital newsletter editor for the magazine's website. The positions are in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

Huffington Post

You might not like their no-pay-for-writers model, but the mega-aggregator sure does rack up a lot of traffic.

"With more to read (HuffPo's sections have increased to 21), it's no wonder the blog won Adweek's Readers' Choice poll. There's a vertical for everyone."

In their listings today, they are seeking staff writers and editors for their Post 50 and Parenting verticals.

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