I was the founding community manager here at ReportingonHealth.org and helped design, build and create this community from 2010 to 2012. I created and launched the Career GPS blog and advocated design changes that would prioritize and highlight members' work. I'm happy to continue here as a member and incorporate important questions about health into my reporting.

I'm now the Social Media Manager at Public Radio International, where I work on the digital side of show like The World to build coverage and conversation around global health and immigration.

I've also worked as a freelance journalist writing online and magazine pieces from across Asia, including China, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. I am the co-editor of Chinese Characters, a collection of stories about life in China to be published by UC Press this year. I was a South Asian Journalists Association Reporting Fellow in 2007/08 and the editor of the online magazine AsiaMedia from 2004 to 2007. I am now a consulting editor to the Journal of Asian Studies. My writing has appeared in the LA Weekly, Far Eastern Economic Review, Mother Jones OnlinePacific Standard, TimeOut Singapore and Global Voices.


"Reporters may experience the same type of denial that firefighters do -- that they can't be harmed by what they're witnessing," says Dr. Vincent Covello. "You're expected to be above and beyond what you're doing."