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J-Students Report: How Well Does the Military Health System Serve the National Guard?

J-Students Report: How Well Does the Military Health System Serve the National Guard?

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Military Health:

Students from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism report on how well the military health system is working for National Guard members.

Working Overtime: Is there such a thing as being a healthy workaholic? Maybe so, reports Kathleen Doheny for the Los Angeles Times.

Health Costs: When it comes to healthcare, President Obama's new proposed 2013 federal budget has a little something for everyone: Medicare drug rebates, more cost-sharing for wealthy seniors, and smaller payments for doctors and hospitals, David Morgan reports for Reuters.

Primary Care: Can the United States get an additional 30,000 primary care doctors in place by 2015? That may be the key to health reform's success or failure, Dennis Hunt grant recipient Sarah Kliff reports for the Washington Post.

Environmental Health: Southern Californians are among the Americans at highest risk of dying from the effects of air pollution according to EPA research, Bernice Yeung reports for California Watch.

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