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Changes to the DSM could classify millions of seniors as mentally ill

Changes to the DSM could classify millions of seniors as mentally ill

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Friday's Daily Briefing reading features great reporting on senior and mental health.

"Meditation" by Barry Kuts in Flickr Creative Commons

Mental Health:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is being revised to include new mental illnesses for the first time in 20 years. But what could it mean for care, treatments and costs? Pamela MacLean reports for the Redwood Age.

Cost-Cutting: "At this point, we're like the farmer eating his seed corn," says California state assembly member Wesley Chesbro about budget cuts to mental health services. David Gorn reports on the latest legislation for California Healthline.

Respecting Elders: And other factors that contribute to Asian New Yorkers' resistance to anti-smoking campaigns, by Sarah Maslin Nir in The New York Times.

Alcohol around the Globe: Sanjay Basu explains the health effects of alcohol use around the globe with interesting charts at Global Health Hub.

(Photo "Meditation" by Barry Kuts on Flickr Creative Commons)

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