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Daily Briefing: Dementia Cases Worldwide to Double by 2030

Daily Briefing: Dementia Cases Worldwide to Double by 2030

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As poor countries improve their health care and citizens' life spans, we can expect a doubling of dementia cases worldwide by 2030, according to a new World Health Organization analysis, Frank Jordans reports for the Associated Press.

Reproductive Health: The reproductive wars continue as Planned Parenthood sues Texas for excluding PP clinics from the state's women's health services program, Emily Ramshaw and Thanh Tan report for the Texas Tribune.

Nail Polish: California officials say some nail polishes marketed as toxics-free actually contain potentially harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene, which have been linked to birth defects. Nail salon workers are at highest risk, Anna Gorman reports for the Los Angeles Times. Check out our tips for reporting on worker health.

Painkiller Crackdown: In Arizona, seven doctors who prescribed high levels of narcotics like Oxycontin to patients have been dropped from the state's Medicaid program after a Congressional probe, Ken Alltucker reports for the Arizona Republic.

Autism: Research into the potential causes of autism is moving "stunningly fast" as scientists use MRIs and other advanced technology to study the brains of autistic children, Liz Szabo reports for USA Today.

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