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Oxycodone Addiction: "What Withdrawal Feels Like"

Oxycodone Addiction: "What Withdrawal Feels Like"

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Painkiller Addiction: WBUR's Keosha Johnson writes movingly about how hard it was to wean herself off highly addictive Oxycodone after spinal fusion surgery.

Antibiotics: Hoping to prevent antibiotic resistance from getting even worse, the FDA for the first time wijll require ranchers to get a veterinarian's prescription for antibiotics for livestock, Gardiner Harris reports for the New York Times.

Infant Health: A study of more than 23,000 women from nine countries suggests that even slightly-above-average blood sugar levels and weight gain is linked to higher-birth-weight babies, which can lead to increased risk during childbirth to mother and baby, Sarah Nassauer reports for the Wall St. Journal.

Health Reform: President Obama's re-election campaign gleefully celebrated the anniversary of "Romneycare," Republican challenger Mitt Romney's health reform plan for Mass. The former Mass. governor has backpedaled from the innovative plan he once called a model for the nation.  

Hot Flashes: Women in menopause have long complained of hot flashes, or spikes in body temperature, but researchers knew little about what caused them. Now, a small new study of heart rhythm changes in women with daily hot flashes suggests that the parasympathetic nervous system may malfunction during the episodes, Jennifer Goodwin reports for Health Day.

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