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Are clinical trials in developing countries ethical?

Are clinical trials in developing countries ethical?

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Today's Daily Briefing features a report on business of health care exchanges, a candid discussion of PTSD and a great metaphor for bloggers and journalists.

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Clinical Trials in Developing Countries: "For the pharmaceutical industry, the attractions are the lower costs and the availability of 'treatment-naive' patients, who are much less likely to have been previously exposed to drugs or trials," Paula Leighton writes in a report on ethics at SciDev.Net.

Health Exchanges, the Business: Sarah Kliff writes about a booming post-health care reform industry for Politico.

Sex and PTSD: We've discussed journalists and PTSD here at Reporting on Health before, but never the way Mac McClelland at Good did on Monday. Be ready for brutal honesty before you click on this link.

Journalist/Blogger: Ed Young at the Discover blog Not Exactly Rocket Science thought the debate was over. He was wrong, but he has a great metaphor for the situation:

I want to talk about polar bears. Polar bears are famously in trouble because the ice of their Arctic home is melting. One of the consequences of this is that grizzly bears are encroaching into polar bear territory. These are two very similar species that tend to avoid each other, but they're now being shoved into close contact. And they're breeding – they're creating hybrids called grolar bears.

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(Photo of U.S. Army medical trial in Kenya by US Army Africa on Flickr Creative Commons.)



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