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Geraldine Ferraro: Her physician's hero

Geraldine Ferraro: Her physician's hero

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A selection from the weekend, long and short reads, and a video in today's Daily Briefing.

Geraldine Ferraro:

The first female candidate on a national ticket was a hero to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Carol Loomis at Fortune blogs about why Ferraro was a hero to her own physician in her battle against multiple myeloma.

Radiation: A Columbia University radiation expert tells Densie Grady at the The New York Times that he is concerned about radiation but does not forsee a public health disaster in Japan.

Cost of Care: A new study expands on how we normally calculate health care spending. Andy Miller at Georgia Health News reports.

Antibiotic Resistance: Maryn McKenna's feature in Scientific American is about new strains of bacterium that doctors are having a hard time fighting (preview).

"Why don't journalists link to primary sources?" Ben Goldacre in The Guardian challenges coverage of an open-access academic paper.

Girl Vs. Virus: "Nearly two years ago, my boss suggested that I turn myself into a story," writes Concord Monitor reporter Meg Heckman. She explains what she learned while reporting on hepatitis C - the epidemic and her own struggles - at Poynter.

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