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Photo Tour of Black Market Pharmacies

Photo Tour of Black Market Pharmacies

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The illegal use and sale of prescription drugs is not just a topic for Michael Jackson headlines. A fact sheet from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says that nearly 7 million Americans are addicted to prescription drugs. The DEA says that abusers get their drugs from "'doctor-shopping,' traditional drug-dealing, theft from pharmacies or homes, illicitly acquiring prescription drugs via the Internet, and from friends or relatives."

In May, California Broadcast Fellows took a tour of black market pharmacies in Los Angeles, where prescription drugs are not just sold in back rooms, but offered to health reporting fellows on sidewalks.

Fellows examine confiscated prescription drugs seized by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Health Authority Law Enforcement (HALT) task force.

Take the tour for yourself, in a photo slideshow from the field trip by Gus Ruelas.

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