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What if Ryan's Medicaid Cuts were Already in Effect?

What if Ryan's Medicaid Cuts were Already in Effect?

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In today's Daily Briefing, we are looking at the effects of proposed budget cuts, the hurdles for mobile apps and foreign doctors, and the pay of mental health professionals. What are you reading? Share in comments.

Hypothetically Speaking: Edwin Park and Matt Broaddus at the Center on Budget Policy Priorities ask and answer, what if Paul Ryan's proposed cuts to Medicaid had taken effect in 2000?

MIM SoftwareFDA Approval for an iPad App: Mobile health apps are hot, but their status with the FDA is murky. In iMedical Apps, Mark Cain, CTO of MIM Software, explains how their CT/MRI viewer, released in 2008, finally got regulatory clearance this February.

Doctor Stories: There is a shortage of primary care physicians in the United States, but the hurdles for foreign-trained doctors to get licenses are often too great to overcome. Marina Giovannelli at PRI's The World reports. Dr. Pauline Chen, at The New York Times' Well blog, discusses the effects of doctors moving from small practices to big insitutions.

Second Class Citizens? Cathleen Crowley explains a recent study about the pay of America's mental health and addiction treatment professionals at the Albany Times Union.


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