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What's Killing Silicon Valley?

Fellowship Story Showcase

What's Killing Silicon Valley?

Picture of George Sampson

In this showcase of the George Sampson's 30 part, "What's Killing Silicon Valley" series, he explores the leading causes of death in Santa Clara Valley. The series examines issues including heart attack, cancer and stroke and highlights ways to prevent and react to such diseases.

Friday, January 8, 2010

1. Your Heart Attack - A narrative account of what a heart attack feels like and prevention tips from survivors.

2. Top Killer - An examination of the top two killers of Silicon Valley, and surprisingly it's not heart disease.

3. Mayor Ron Gonzales' Stroke - San Jose's former mayor ecountered a stroke while giving the state of the city address.

4. Alzheimer's Disease: Joy Walters - The fourth leading cause of death in Silicon Valley and understanding how victims live their daily lives.

5. Accidents: Accident Prevention - The sixth leading cause of death overall in Santa Clara county, and the leading cause of death among teens and young adults.

6. Heart Disease: What Women Need to Know - Understanding how heart disease affects the sexes differently.

7. Diabetes: Managing Diabetes - The seventh leading cause of death is often controllable.

8. Influenza: Flu Prevention - Flu and pneumonia are the eighth leading cause of death.

9. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease: Smoking and Lung Disease - The fifth leading cause of death including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthama, among others.

10. Heart Disease: Ed Gorlick's Amazing Story - An unlikely canidate for a heart attack.

11. Accidents: First Responders - Accounts of community officers who must respond to horrific accidents.

12. Stroke: Warning Signs - Identify symptoms of a stroke and learn what to do.

13. Heart Disease: Why Every Second Counts - The importance of recognizing and reacting to heart attacks.

14. Diabetes: How Diabetes Kills - The effect on your cardiovascular system.