Micky Duxbury

Freelancer & Author

I am a Berkeley, CA based freelance writer and the author of Making Room In Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption (Routledge, 2007). I have covered racial bias and policing for the East Bay Express and Restorative Justice for The Monthly. I completed 8 articles for my fellowhsip on Lessening the Impact of Incarceration on Oakland. I was inspired by one of the interviews for that series to begin The Welcome Home Project.  I interviewed 20 formerly incarcerated men and women that had spent between 10-20 years in prison and jail and have completely transformed their lives.

 The Welcome Home Project was supported by a Community Storytelling grant from CAL  Humanities.  we created a book with compelling photos and stories both for the general public to change attitudes about crime and criminality and as a motivational /educational tool for people both inside and outside of prison.

Media Coverage of The Welcome Home Project:




The Welcome Home Project's goal is to lift up stories of men and women who spent between five and 20 years time in prison and jails and have been able to turn their lives around. Their stories and photographs have been compiled into a compelling and motivational calendar-format booklet.

Californians foot the bill for one of the largest prison systems in the world.  This series looked beyond the tremendous financial costs of incarceration and examined the collateral damage to individuals, families and whole communities in Oakland.

Can role models improve an ex-con's chances of success? One former prisoner said he attended substance abuse and anger management classes, but that changing his idea of manhood made the biggest difference in being able to quit crime.