Health Care Reform Rundown

Published on
September 23, 2010

Some of heath care reform's provisions went into effect today -- to acclaim and criticism, but mostly just explanation. Here's a rundown of coverage in the ReportingonHealth community.

8 changes, 7 caveats: Mary Agnes Carey breaks it down at Kaiser Health news.

Children: Carey also reports on the availability and cost of insurance to children with preexisting conditions with Laurie McGinley. Julian Pecquet at The Hill reports that some health insurance companies are dropping children's coverage altogether, rather than offering plans to children who have preexisting conditions. Duke Helfand at the Los Angeles Times focuses on California companies.

Listen: Marketplace's Gregory Warner discusses who will pay for all the changes.

Brokers: Alan Katz dissects the debate surrounding the role of agents and carriers post-health care reform.

Visual Learner: Check out Kaiser Family Foundation produced an animation to help explain the reforms.


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