Health insurance in the NFL and video games in the operating room

Published on
March 24, 2011

Disease, disaster and video games are highlighted in today's Daily Briefing.

World Tuberculosis Day: Today marks a time to think about a forgotten disease. Maryn McKenna provides a great introduction to the current state of affairs in Superbug and Tom Paulson at Humanosphere reports on Seattle's TB problem, among the worst in the nation. Kenyan physician Dr. Gitau Mburu explains why "TB remains the single most important threat to the 33 million people living with HIV today" in Global Health.

Aid in Japan: Doc Gurley interviews Jesse Mendoza of Jordan International Aid about the challenges of relief work.


NFL Health Costs: It's been a while since we've gotten to the sports pages, but this read by Amy Shipley from Monday's Washington Post provides great new perspective on the costs of health insurance.

More Than Video Games: How can Xbox Kinect help surgeons? Paola Loriggio reports from a Toronto hospital for the Globe and Mail.

Doctor's Note: A Washington state bill would make it harder for parents not to vaccinate their kids before sending them to school, and vaccine-resisters are calling foul. Carol Ostrom reports for The Seattle Times.

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