A health-related "lie of the year"

Published on
December 17, 2010

For your Friday reading, here's what's not to miss in today's Daily Briefing:

Violence in a Hospital: Katharine Mieszkowski at The Bay Citizen tells the scary inside story of a state hospital for the mentally ill.

Gifts From Gates: Sarah Arnquist at GlobalHealthHub.org gives a rundown of health news funded by the Gates Foundation.

Simple Explanation: It's five pages long but it's an easy read. The American College of Physicians and AARP have a new guide to health care reform, via Seattle/Local Health Guide. In other reform news, PolitFact has named its "Lie of the Year": GOP leaders' description of the health care law as a "government takeover."

Rationing Health Care: You might have heard Sheri Fink's report on dialysis in South Africa. Check out The World's four-part series on ways care is doled around the globe.