Keeping up with Metro

Published on
January 2, 2013

Yes! In this age of social media, Smartphones, iPads, Twitter, and text messaging, Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) has burst forward with its technology. They're using it to make commuting for passengers to be aware of commuting issues and recently created some enhancements to the experience.

It's so annoying to think you're commuting on one of the trains and then discover the route you thought was open and accessible is down or closed because of repairs or an emergency or just has become an inconvenience for your purposes. Had there been advance notice - or at least a bulletin on those electronic signs over the tracks - some alternative options could have been put into play. Those concerns and a few others were raised at a recent Accessibility Committee meeting. And Metro came up with a solution.

Using existing technology (i.e., no additional expenditures to make modifications and enhancements), Metro now offers tweets about situations and things related to the transportation service. Announcements, more accurately called "alerts," of some conditions will now be made on the electronic bulletins that overhang the [continue reading]