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It was all about finally going after my law degree and becoming a corporate or tax lawyer. Public Interest law was to be part of my avocations. Things got a little tangled. Because of personal calamities and complications, I began learning about public health care, disabilities, support services for those with disabilities, and more -- plus losing my seat in law school. Never mind about that (for now).There's some compelling stuff impacting the consuming public.

Learning about domestic abuse caused more detours on the way to the J.D. and put me in the world of recruiting. It also put me back into writing and informing, coaching and empowering. Additional challenges put me back into learning about the seamier side of the health care picture.

It's time to start writing about what I've seen and learned. Having proved my health journalism worth with a project for KRON and having done an amazing job with producing a radio legal news program in the Bay Area for two years, plus the grounding gained from doing publicity for South Pasadena's Chamber of Commerce and Business and Professional Women's Organization, it seems appropriate to gather these threads and make a more organized and purposeful statement about our health care system. It's time to find my voice and do something meaningful to shed light on the many problems.

I'd like to think of myself as the one who empowers others because of the better understanding I create with my words.


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The message must be delivered and the knowledge put forth. If it does not happen, stupid mistakes will be made that will compromise the safety of not just one person but all those who are in their company on the day the abuser learns of the target's whereabouts.

Since the auto is becoming a luxury item in terms of cost and fuel, and because environmentally speaking, using a personal auto is becoming a less desirable option, it's important for Southern California urban planners to come up with transportation options.

While the news about her return to work was celebratory for all, Robin Roberts talked about some of the expected and probably didn't realize she also disclosed unexpected information.

You'd think with all the traffic they have that Metro would provide some type of announcements about detours, service outages, and the like. Without them, it's a bit like traveling while wearing a blindfold. A solution is available.

President Clinton declared October as Domestic Violence Awarness Month and in 1994 signed into legislation the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) as authored by Sen. Joe Biden. It addresses various forms of redress and recovery for violent acts against women. It looks at the physical violence dynamic

It was embarrassing. I was undone. I kept my composure but also kept my voice at a very low volume. I hoped no one could hear us. Most of all, I hoped no one was paying attention to what we were doing and that we weren't making a scene. The last thing I wanted was for people to see her being needy b