Moving into publication zone

Published on
March 21, 2012

Thank you for revisiting my blog. I am excited to be waltzing into the writing/editing/publishing zone for my project!

I submitted my first abridged (with a faith focus) story for the project to Hiep Nhat Magazine on 3/20/2012, having had an extension to be able to include comments from a special guest. I am so grateful to the Editor, Mr. Pham Dinh Chien, for this extension (a whole 10 days) to feature this important voice. The magazine comes out on the first of each month, and caters to the Vietnamse Catholic readership across the U.S.

I am particularly enthused and honored that my full-fledged four-part series in Viet Bao will be edited by the famed poet/author/editor Tran Da Tu. The first part will be premiered on the first weekend of April.

I'm grateful for all the new developments and the ongoing support. It is amazing to receive such enthusiastic responses from various individuals that I did not think of involving at the start. This makes me realize how reporting on this topic is so much needed in the community.

The universe is expanding, and so is this project!

I must stress how helpful it is to have a stretch of months to work on this project.