The New Health Care Reform Battle: Funding

Published on
February 9, 2011

Today's Reporting on Health Daily Briefing is keeping up with health care reform battles, grammar wars and hospitals' care for illegal immigrants.

Defunding Health Care Reform? Republicans in the House of Representatives are seeking to ban funding for health care reform. Check out Janet Hook's report in the Wall Street Journal to get up to speed and keep up with the news with posts and links from Sandra Yin at FierceHealthcare. Still looking for new ways to understand health care reform in the first place? The MIT economist who helped design the plan has just the comic book for you (via Christine McConville at The Boston Herald).

Admitted, Denied: A patient being prepared for surgery was told to leave a Galveston, Texas hospital because she is an illegal immigrant. Harvey Rice reported the story for the Houston Chronicle.

The Missing Apostrophe: A tidbit via Kevin Roderick at LA Observed: After 110 years, the Children's Hospital has fixed its grammar and Patt Morrison at the LA Times is thrilled.

Beware of Unawareness: That's the title of a new study that says blacks and Latinos less likely to know that they have diabetes than white. Teresa Buckley at the Albany Times Union summarizes and shares the report.

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