No one seems to have solutions

Published on
October 27, 2010

After my story about the $2,391 per month health insurance premium, I got an email from a teacher in the Mountain School District. She writes, "Teachers in Santa Cruz County are facing similar increases.  At many districts in Santa Cruz County, including Mountain School, San Lorenzo Valley and Soquel, teachers have seen unimaginable and unsustainable increases to our premiums.  I am one of these teachers and no one seems to have solutions for us.
"Last year, I paid under $500 to insure my family.  This year my premium increase to almost $1200.  We have no pre-existing conditions.  My salary is in the low $40,000 range, and needless to say, my family cannot afford this increase.  Hundreds of teachers are in the same situation and are being forced to drop healthcare for our families or hope to insure our children on the California Children's Insurance Program-Healthy Families."