Traumatic Experiences and Mental/Emotional Health

Published on
November 11, 2011

Trauma and loss, even experienced via narratives, are powerful and can return with new effects in the most unexpected moments. They have direct impact onĀ  the lives and mental health of the people who lived them. Employing oral history and community participation, I aim to bring awareness about mental health issues connected to traumatic experiences of Vietnamese Americans. Mental health is a less-discussed topic in the Vietnamese American community, and this Project will facilitate self-assessment via life history narratives.

The three stories I will write for this Project focus on the discourses and perspectives of women. This focus is owed to the fact that women voices are still understudied and neglected in this topic. As a female scholar and writer, I trust that I am in a unique position to help draw out the deep-running currents from memories of trauma for the women featured. This first step of recalling/recounting will set the pace for healing and emotional wellness.