U.S. lowest on children's health list

Published on
December 14, 2010

Lawsuits and health surprises abound in today's Daily Briefing:

Someone Else's Roundup: The Two-Way blog at NPR has a good roundup of coverage of the Monday's health care ruling. You can find the full text of the decision at Kaiser Health News and analysis by Julie Rovner on NPR's Shots blog.

Bottom of the List: A UNICEF report tracks childrens' well-being in 24 of the world's richest countries. Tom Murphy at GlobalHealthHub.org wasn't surprised to see the United States's position.

Telehealth: A brief report in E-Health Europe says that China is launching "the largest remote health monitoring initiative in the world." (Hat tip to USC Roybal Institute on Aging.)

Erin Brockovich: The town famous for contaminated groundwater has less cancer than researchers expected. Louis Sahagun reports for the Los Angeles Times. Sahagun reported last month that a "plume of chromium-tainted groundwater" was threatening the small town of Hinkley years after the PG&E settlement with residents.