Navajo mother has reservations about sending her children back to school

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A mother on the Navajo Nation wants her children to continue distance learning when they are given the option to go hybrid.

Michelle Jefferson said her two children, who attend schools within the Gallup-McKinley County district, have faced challenges while learning from home.

"The teacher's computer side or our side goes out," Jefferson said. "It gets stuck, and we just sit there until they fix it."

Jefferson's home on the reservation, like many others, does not have electricity or running water.

Despite the struggles her family faces, Jefferson said she does not feel comfortable sending her kids back to school when they get the green light to go back.

"Not right now. You know, I'm not going to play games with my kids' life and send them in right now," she said. 

Jefferson said her family is holding out for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

She also said her kids have learned to adapt to the challenges of distance learning.

"I think it's working," she said. 

Gallup-McKinley Schools allows students the option to be “e-learners” when they’re allowed to go back. They can also change their preference when they feel comfortable.

[This story was originally published by KOB4].