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Reporting on Health Contributing Editor William Heisel set off a spirited discussion this week on Twitter on the risk of addiction to opioid pain medicine. What are the implications for chronic pain management and treatment?

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As he tells it, Geronimo Garcia was on the path toward dropping out by the time he started school.

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Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, NARA, offers inpatient and outpatient drug treatment and a 70-bed residential program in Portland, Oregon.

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Research from across the nation shows that treating drug addiction reduces crime and medical expenses while boosting employment, meaning every dollar spent on treatment actually saves an average of $7.

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At the center of one of the great medical controversies of our time, the mishmash around pain medication and addiction to prescription drugs has caused alarm in law enforcement and the public.  But the realities of patients who have chronic pain problems, chronic addiction problems, or both, are not

This two-part series examines this issues on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation:
Part 1: A Community's Struggle with Addiction
Part 2: Services Offered to Recovering Drug Users 

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