Andrea McDaniels

Health and Medicine Reporter

I am a health and medicine reporter for the Baltimore Sun.


A three-part series this month in The Baltimore Sun chronicled how community groups and social workers are helping kids learn to manage stress and regulate their emotions as a way to combat some side effects of living in violent neighborhoods.

For more than a year, Baltimore Sun reporter Andrea K. McDaniels and photographer Lloyd Fox have examined the unseen impact of violence — on children, caregivers and victims’ relatives. McDaniels wrote the articles while participating in the 2014 National Health Journalism Fellowship, a program of t

When a neighbor waving a gun shot Charles "Chuck" Ropka in the head, the 18-year-old was left paralyzed on his left side. Instead of seeing him move out on his own, his mother suddenly had to make a place to care for him in the family's basement, where he still lives — 35 years later.

Baltimore is no stranger to violence, but in recent weeks it hit proportions that stunned even a city often numb to regular shootings and stabbings. Violence puts pressure on hospital emergency rooms and paramedics. Many victims don’t die and will stress the entire health system for years to come.