Elena Kuznetsova


Elena Kuznetsova, Writer, Translator, for Slavic Sacramento Media outlet. Elena is a grantee of the Center for Health Journalism's 2021 Impact Fund for Reporting on Domestic Violence.  Elena has been volunteering for Slavic Sacramento for the past 2 years. Numerous of her articles and notes for Russian-speaking community of Northern California, covering different topics such as COVID-19 pandemic, coronavirus breakouts in Slavic communities, domestic violence, Presidential election 2020, etc. were written, translated from Russian into English/English into Russian and published. Recent investigations of Slavic Sacramento (e.g. "Why are Slavic immigrants at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus?", "The Role of Slavic Fundamentalists in the Failed Attack in Washington, D.C.”, etc.) were created with Elena’s co-authorship. Elena is also a product assistant during interviews and documentary production for Slavic Sacramento. Before her American life in Russia Elena’s work was always connected with communication and collaboration with people - she worked in the HR function of international companies.