I'm cofounder of the editorial content provider Retrograde Communications. I'm senior editor of Plus magazine and HIVPlusmag.com, the most widely read magazine for people living with or affected by HIV. As a freelance journalist and have written for more than a dozen publications in the past 10 years. Earlier, before I temporarily left journalism to become a park ranger, I helped found a national magazine and ran the circulation department.


In an effort to reduce HIV rates in the state, Governor Brown signed into law a bill that requires those who receive an HIV test with negative results are informed about prevention options like PrEP, the one-a-day pill that's up to 99% effective in preventing HIV.

Nearly a quarter of HIV+ Americans will be incarcerated at some point each year. For some it will be the first time they learn of their status. For others, it will be the first time they receive treatment for HIV. Unfortunately, when they're released, 90 percent experience interruptions in care.