Lois Collins

enterprise reporter

I am a veteran reporter covering family issues, including health and medicine. I have over the decades also covered poverty, human services, religion and technology, but medicine and health have accounted for the bulk of my career. I am married, have two teens and live in Salt Lake.


For refugees, homesickness & loneliness are often inseparable — symptoms hard to untangle. Refugees in the throes of loneliness and social isolation may suffer depression, lethargy, headaches, exhaustion and more. It makes it harder to learn needed skills like language or cultural understanding.

Loneliness, as a medical matter, has begun to capture the attention of health experts worldwide. A growing body of research compares loneliness to documented health killers like smoking and obesity.

I adore a good love story, so it's no surprise I enjoyed listening to Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez talk about the genesis of his friendship with a homeless musician. The biggest thing I learned, though, is how fragile we all are as humans.