Top of the Morning: Paul Sisson Edition

Published on
November 1, 2016

Here we check in with prominent health journalists and experts to see what sites, newsletters and social media feeds they turn to first every morning. This week, we caught up with 2015 California Data fellow Paul Sisson, health care reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune. Here are his top morning reads.

California Healthline: This is the place to keep up with what's going on in the health world throughout California.

California Department of Public Health: This is the main news release page for the California Department of Public Health. It pays to see what the latest announcements are as quickly as possible.

Google Trends: This is Google’s site that lets you see what people are searching for using Google. It's useful because you can drill down to your city and search by topics such as health. Lately, it looks like many people in my community are searching for vape pens and essential oils. I'm not sure if they're smoking the oils with the pens, but if they are, that would be a hell of a story.” This one is obvious. 

Association of Health Care Journalists: They keep on top of all relevant trends in health care and usually have great tips for how to cover big topics like the ACA, Medicare and health disparities.

Stat News: Gideon Gil and his crew have made this an important site since they launched it. Lots of deep dives on important topics.

The Oatmeal: This is clearly a fine journalistic website that supplies the necessary context to make it through to the weekend.