In Harm's Way Pt. 2: The Punks with Lunch

The story was originally published in KALW with support from our 2023 Center for Health Journalism California Health Equity Fellowship.


This story aired in the July 20, 2030 episode of Crosscurrents.

In the second installment of the series, 'In Harm's Way: Workers Battle the Overdose Crisis' we meet West Oakland Punks with Lunch, a group that's been providing sandwiches, cookies, syringes, and lifesaving services for unhoused residents in the community. A state grant has helped make that work sustainable.

This is our altar, and on it is all the names of the people we lost to overdoses. They’re always present with us. Memoralize them, make them present, because they drive what we do.

Illustration showing various helpline numbers
Illustration showing History, Location, and effects of Xylazine
Illustration reading How to use Naxolone