I’m a longtime journalist and write primarily about health, mental health and health and social policy. I’ve done everything from running the Tenderloin Times, a muckraking monthly newspaper in San Francisco, to working as a health and science reporter at Bloomberg News, to writing magazine features and a book. My sweet spot for the last 15 years has been writing features on health, mental health, and science along with investigative reports on issues concerning the psychiatric mistreatment and overtreatment of children.  


What happens when you get up and move 10 minutes each day? Here's a look at how people across the country stopped what they were doing and collectively took Instant Recess to honor Antronette Yancey—physician, scientist, advocate—by exercising in a way she inspired.

Former Bloomberg reporter Rob Waters describes his two-year-long quest to interview the “Berlin patient” – at the time, the only known individual to be “cured” of AIDS – and offers tips on how to find sources in the emerging field of AIDS cure research.