Sarah Kliff is a senior editor at, where she oversees health, medicine and education coverage. Sarah joined Vox Media in February 2014 from the Washington Post, where she covered health policy and was a founding member of Wonkblog, a policy blog dedicated to making complex policy topics easily approachable and understandable. 

Prior to the Washington Post, Sarah Kliff was a staff writer at Politico, also covering health policy. Her writing has appeared in Newsweek, National Geographic, the BBC and other news outlets. Her work was cited in the 2012 Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act. 

Sarah has appeared on multiple television networks including CNN, Fox News, PBS, MSNBC and C-Span. Prior speaking engagements include talks at Harvard Law School, Yale's Institution for Social Policy and Studies and the Journalism and Women's Symposium.

She is the recipient of fellowships from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Journalism. Sarah received a bachelors degree in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and currently resides in Washington, D.C.


Karyn Johnson has a daunting task: getting the 31,265 smokers in Worcester, Massachusetts to quit. Back in the early 2000s, five full-time staff members worked on smoking cessation in Worcester.

<p>As the health reform law nears its two-year anniversary, I will be using my Dennis A. Hunt Fund award to report a three-part series on the challenges and opportunities of reform law’s preventive programs, examining whether new approaches and bolstered funding are paying dividends at the ground level.</p>