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Join us for an important one-hour webinar with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on Dec. 12 as he shares personal and policy insights that promise to help you rethink how to approach journalism on aging and medical interventions at the end of life.

After an onslaught of media reports suggesting that depression was the cause of the Germanwings tragedy, people are too readily blaming mental illness as the enemy of public safety. That can make it harder for others to overcome the stigma associated with mental illness.

Mental Health, Community Safety

Reporter Frank Gluck recently spent five months reporting on how Alzheimer’s disease has affected Southwest Florida, where the population of seniors is twice the national average. Here he shares some essential reporting lessons and tips for others tackling the topic in their region.

Aging, Chronic Disease, Health Insurance and Costs, Mental Health

Radio reporter Veronica Zaragovia of KUT in Austin focused her reporting series on the rollout of the ACA in Texas, especially some of its unanticipated effects. Here she reflects on a few of the lessons she learned along the way.

Healthcare Regulation and Reform, Immigrant and Migrant Health, Environmental Health, Health Insurance and Costs

In Baltimore, violence has marred countless lives. But Baltimore Sun reporter Andrea McDaniels wanted to explore the deeper, long-lasting effects of violence. Her extended reporting crystalized in an award-winning three-part series. Here she shares the challenges she faced and lessons learned.

Mental Health, Community Safety

"Sure, I knew hundreds of residents died in homicides or were hurt and even disabled during assaults,” said McDaniels. "But I wondered if there was something deeper going on that needed to be explored.”

Mental Health, Environmental Health, Community Safety

Photojournalist David Gross hatched a plan to crowdfund a project in which he'd photograph and offer art therapy to Syrian refugee children. It did not go as planned. Here he shares some of the lessons he learned along the way, and the images he captured.

Mental Health, Environmental Health, Community Safety

Leah Beth Ward's sustained reporting in The Yakima Herald-Republic on the impacts of Washington’s dairy industry has helped spur important changes. In the second half of our Q&A, Ward discusses the reaction to her series, both from the industry and the broader community.

Environmental Health, Immigrant and Migrant Health