Food Insecurity

Food insecurity

For Korean seniors, finding their lunch meal in Koreatown is one of their biggest concerns. It is not just about having a simple, nutritious meal. Having a culturally appropriate lunch with others is also a precious time for socializing with friends and acquaintances.

After losing his wife and children, Ron Clayton, a Fontana native, faces health challenges, which lead him to homelessness. His story highlights the link between health and homelessness, and the need for better access to healthcare for those experiencing homelessness.

Food-insecure Korean seniors who have recently begun to access the benefits of Market Match — a program that has given low-income Californians access to fruits and vegetables at farmer's markets across California — could lose this crucial safety net as the governor works to close a multibillion-dollar deficit.

Mixing systemic racism, low wages, unemployment and resulting poverty is a troubling recipe for long-term – in many cases generational – food insecurity. Armed with the knowledge that food insecurity can lead to poor outcomes and impact the community’s overall health and well-being, Black organizations have taken the lead in addressing the multi-layered issue.

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