Marice Ashe

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Under my leadership, ChangeLab Solutions builds the capacity of leaders across the nation to address a range of chronic diseases through practical policy solutions. ChangeLab Solutions' team of lawyers, city planners, architects, and policy specialists develop model laws and policies, consult on tough policy questions, and provide training and technical assistance to ensure strong policy initiatives and sustainable solutions.

I am a frequent speaker at public health conferences throughout the nation, and I consult with federal and state agencies on how best to incorporate legal and policy tools into public health strategies. I graduated from University of Notre Dame, and received my MPH and JD from UC Berkeley.


The use of shorthand descriptions of complex health policies is common practice among journalists and editors. But when such initiatives are described as "bans," the media does a disservice to the public debate around these issues.

<p>With escalating obesity rates and growing interest in “buying local,” it’s a prime moment for health reporters to shine a light on how local government leaders can build momentum for a strategy many communities have long ignored.</p>