Teco TV Episode 1

This project investigating how San Francisco adapted to meet the needs of its Latinx communities was led by Adriana Camarena and Alexis Terrazas with support from the 2021 Impact Fund.

Their other stories include:

Part 1: Rent made sheltering-in-place impossible for many of SF’s Latinx immigrants

Part 2: California has no recovery plan for Latinx immigrant tenants stripped of wealth in the pandemic

El Tecolote Survey 2021 Key Findings

Since the start of the epidemic, El Tecolote has sought to provide the most up-to-date information on the pandemic to readers. With support from the Center of Health Journalism’s 2021 Impact Fund, El Tecolote is launching an inquiry into San Francisco health authority’s efforts to reach the Mayan Yucatec and Mayan Mam community during the “Latinx Pandemic.”  


[This story was originally published by El Tecolote.]

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