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<p>Should amateur and professional soccer players wear some kind of head protection to prevent against concussions? We speak to several experts about the frequency of head injuries in soccer, and about the arguments for having players wear some kind of head protection.</p>

<p>Climb aboard the Teen Health Van, a free traveling clinic serving homeless and uninsured youth in the Bay Area.</p><p>Click here to view an audio slideshow of <a href="; target="_blank" title="Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Teen Health Van">Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Teen Health Van</a> in action.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><em>Teen Health Van slide show produced by Shuka Kalantari</em></p>

<p>Producer Nick Vidinsky sits down with a group of students at the Phillip and Sala Burton High School in San Francisco, to talk about their hopes, their fears and their health. What are they concerned about, and to whom do they turn for help? Plus, hear what teens across California have to say about their own health and where they go for information.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>Hear what teens across California have to say about their own health and where they go for information.</p>

Over five days, Colorado Public News examines how Grand Junction, Colo. has emerged as a model of low-cost, high-quality, near-universal healthcare. Part 1 details how health care professionals and leaders have built a system with an emphasis on primary care and prevention.

<p>Serious depression is a growing problem for multicultural seniors. But unlike older whites, ethnic people 50-plus are blocked from treatment by poverty, limited or no insurance, lack of programs geared for them—and the stigma of mental problems that permeates many cultures. New America media senior editor Paul Kleyman begins his occasional series on mental challenges for ethnic seniors with this article on treatable depression.</p>