Children & Families

This two-part series examines this issues on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation:
Part 1: A Community's Struggle with Addiction
Part 2: Services Offered to Recovering Drug Users 

Race and Equity, Environmental Health, Mental Health

<p>Getting off an addictive painkiller, antibiotic prescriptions for cows, news on hot flashes and more from our Daily Briefing.</p>

Healthcare Regulation and Reform, Women's and Maternal Health

<p>In need of some comic relief amid all the Serious and Important coverage of the Supreme Court's hearings on the Affordable Care Act this week? Check out these health reform parodies.</p>

Health Insurance and Costs, Healthcare Regulation and Reform

<p>Arysta LifeScience, the manufacturer of methyl iodide, a toxic fumigant used in soil preparation for strawberries, carrots and other vegetable crops, has just announced that it is suspending all sales of the known carcinogen in the U.S.</p>

Environmental Health

<p>Children in first through sixth grades in California schools are supposed to do a minimum of 200 minutes of physical education every 10 school days. Sorry, recess doesn't count. This fact will likely surprise many parents of elementary school kids, who know that their children do much less.&nbsp;

Health Insurance and Costs

<p>When school budgets are cut, what does it take to keep physical education afloat in one Northern California school district? Outsourcing to fitness organizations plus a small army of parent volunteers, educators and foundations.</p>