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Danielle Bergstrom speaks with Veronica Garibay, the co-founder and co-director of Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, an environmental justice organization based in Fresno.

Environmental Health, Healthcare Regulation and Reform

This year saw a scorcher of a summer, the hottest on record. Worse, it could be the coldest summer we’ll see in our lifetimes, as accelerating climate change makes extreme events like the June heat dome that broiled the Pacific Northwest a regular occurrence. But the threats posed by climate change

Roads in rural Fresno County are often neglected and underdeveloped. Potholes, flooding and basic safety measures go unfixed. There are no streetlights, sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, center lines or even speed limit signs on many roads in rural towns, and public transit service is limited.

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Thousands of Indigenous migrants toil on California farms, cut off from health care by language and cultural barriers.

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Imagine taking your kids on a trolley to visit the neighborhood park. Now, picture an electric transit system that’s fast and cheap and can take you to work right from your doorstep. What if Fresno could do all that, and reduce the local rate of childhood asthma?

Poverty and Class, Environmental Health, Healthcare Regulation and Reform, Chronic Disease