Health Equity & Social Justice

My project will compare the health status of Valley Latinos living in a handful of urban communities to those living in rural towns.

Environmental Health, Immigrant and Migrant Health, Poverty and Class

In 1965, the deinstitutionalization of mental health treatment charted a path toward overcrowded prisons and a shortage of mental health treatment facilities. Today, Imperial County in California is dealing with both of those consequences.

Mental Health, Environmental Health

If you are a Californian having a baby for the first time, choose your hospital wisely. You might even wish to move. A recent report from the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce revealed alarming discrepancies in outcomes for low-risk pregnancies at high-performing and low-perform

Patient Safety and Ethics, Environmental Health, Women's and Maternal Health

Sexual health and reproduction are not openly discussed in the Vietnamese family beyond discouraging premarital sex, and there are few resources to help families navigate the challenges of a cross-generational, cross-cultural "sex talk."

Race and Equity

Beaches, sunshine, natural beauty, high-priced homes. In so many ways, Ventura County embodies the affluent, laid-back lifestyle of California’s coastal regions....

Mental Health, Environmental Health, Poverty and Class

Most people wouldn’t think of the San Joaquin Valley - California’s agricultural heartland - as a hotbed for sexually transmitted infections. But the agriculturally rich yet impoverished region has a significant and growing HIV/AIDS problem that’s troubling local health officials.

Chronic Disease, Immigrant and Migrant Health, Environmental Health

This three part series will be looking into mental health care among black communities within the U.S. Focusing on access, stigmas and cultural views toward mental health.

Immigrant and Migrant Health, Mental Health, Race and Equity

At La Clínica de la Raza in Northern California, the surge of new Medicaid enrollees has made it difficult for the clinic to meet the demand for care. But the need to make the most of limited resources has also led the organization to adopt new innovations, such as the "morning huddle."

Healthcare Regulation and Reform, Immigrant and Migrant Health, Health Insurance and Costs

Even after Obamacare, millions of people still don't have health coverage in California. How are these remaining uninsured going to be taken care of? That question has yet to be answered, but the debate around the issue -- which is tricky politically and financially -- is bound to be contentious.

Health Insurance and Costs