Marga Parés


Marga Parés Arroyo has been a reporter at El Nuevo Día, the largest circulation newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since 1994. Mainly, she covers health topics. Her latest investigative work is about “Mi Salud” (My Health), the latest effort of the local government to improve the public health system. She's also one of the host at “Reporte Médico” (Medical Report), a television program (at a local PBS affiliate) created three years ago that features health reporting. Married and mother of two children, her life is like a race combining her two passions: her family and her work.


<p>Over a year ago, based on the history of Puerto Rico's Health Reform that started on 1993, many people started to wander if the enrollees of this system were healthier or sicker than years ago, when they had no medical coverage. To find out, a keypoint was to measure if they were getting the medical preventive services they needed to, for example, have an earlier diagnosis and a better treatment for the medical conditions they may develop. That was what my National Health Journalism Fellowship was about and what I intended to find out.</p>