Will James is a freelance journalist who formerly reported and produced podcasts and other special projects for KNKX, an NPR station based in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. He created and hosted the podcast "Outsiders," chronicling homelessness for more than a year, which TIME named one of the best podcasts of 2020. He co-hosted and produced the "Transmission" podcast, telling stories about COVID-19 in the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, he served as senior producer on "The Walk Home," a podcast investigating a killing by police in Tacoma. He came to audio journalism after reporting for newspapers in his home state of New York. He was a Center for Health Journalism 2019 National Fellow and will serve as a 2024 California Health Equity Fellowship Senior Fellow.


This documentary-style podcast give listeners a close-up view of unsheltered homelessness. Episode 9 takes some of the questions posed by listeners throughout the series, and gives people who are homeless a chance to weigh in.