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Fellowship Story Showcase

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As part of the Center for Health Journalism Fellowship, journalists work with a senior fellow to develop a special project. Recent projects have examined health disparities by ZIP code in the San Francisco Bay Area, anxiety disorders and depression in the Hispanic immigrant community in Washington state, and the importance of foreign-born doctors to health care in rural communities.

Seven months later, Outsiders is back with a three-episode finale that seeks to answer some of the questions the podcast laid out in the beginning.
The latest in The Tribune’s monthlong “Substandard of Living” series examining the experiences of low-income renters living in poorly maintained housing in San Luis Obispo County.
This documentary-style podcast give listeners a close-up view of unsheltered homelessness. Episode 9 takes some of the questions posed by listeners throughout the series, and gives people who are homeless a chance to weigh in.
Jay Calderon/ The Desert Sun
The western Coachella Valley's three overnight homeless shelters have closed, sending nearly 100 individuals back onto the streets amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
 Blanca, an Oceano renter, has struggled to get her landlord to make repairs in her apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Tribune spent nine months investigating the issue by talking to residents, conducting surveys, speaking to experts and evaluating government resources.
La pandemia ha agravado las condiciones de pobreza en las que viven comunidades a lo largo de la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos. Los efectos se han sentido en la salud, el empleo y los bolsillos de cada persona
The City Option program provides medical reimbursement account financed by deposits from employers.
The offer of $500 in bonus funds is intended to help with COVID-19-related expenses.
Elise Wrabetz / NBC News; Getty Images
The rise comes even as factors such as culture, racism, poverty and immigration status often make it harder for Asian American women to seek help.
Elvia Sandoval and her daughter, Marcella Reed, pose with a photo of Reed’s grandfather, Walter Anderson, who contracted COVID-1
Thin medical staffing faces greater scrutiny – even from within the assisted living industry – as COVID-19 cuts a deadly swath through elder care facilities.
Buses head out on their morning routes at the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Fleet Maintenance Center in Greeley Aug. 19, 2020.
The number of suicides among young Coloradans remains unchanged during the coronavirus pandemic compared to previous years, but school and health officials expect to soon see a “tsunami of need” for mental health care.



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