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As part of the Center for Health Journalism Fellowship, journalists work with a senior fellow to develop a special project. Recent projects have examined health disparities by ZIP code in the San Francisco Bay Area, anxiety disorders and depression in the Hispanic immigrant community in Washington state, and the importance of foreign-born doctors to health care in rural communities.

Those left behind after a loved-one commits suicide often experience a wide range of grief reactions, including shock, depression, abandonment and even post-traumatic stress syndrome. Some experience relief, particularly if the suicide followed a long and difficult mental illness.

East Lake Meadows in Atlanta was a high-crime, high unemployment area in the 1990s. The school that served the area performed poorly. A redevelopment project radically altered the landscape and improved housing, schools, safety and health in the neighborhood. That redevelopment project is the model for Spartanburg's large-scale redevelopment effort in its Northside neighborhood.

A multimillion-dollar revitalization plan for Spartanburg's Northside neighborhood gives current residents hope after seeing how a similar plan improved the education, welfare and health of residents in a similar area of Atlanta.

Taylor Gaydon (R), 15, ziplines with friends at the Diabetic Youth Foundation's diabetes camp in Livermore, a place where kids can have fun while learning to manage their disease.

Sensory impaired children or those with conditions such as asthma or diabetes benefit from “habilitative services" that teach them skills and abilities needed manage their conditions. As the Affordable Care Act gets implemented the question remains: who will pay for these services?

Pamela Tapia

In high school, Pamela Tapia spent more time at home with her inhaler than at school with her teachers. Now that she has moved just a few miles away from the poor air quality in West Oakland, for the first time in four years, she celebrated an asthma-free birthday.

Joan Nye talks about her son's struggle with mental illness and his eventual suicide.

The taboo subject of suicide makes can make it difficult for the survivors to find happiness and the ability to move on.

Fred Logan, principal at the Cleveland Academy of Leadership in the Northside neighborhood, has the challenge of improving an elementary school where 99 percent of the children are eligible for the federal free or reduced lunch program.

There's a new attitude at Cleveland Academy of Leadership elementary school, where students deal with tough realities that children shouldn't have to face, such as crime and poverty. The idea is to improve the school so it becomes a magnate for families looking for a good neighborhood and school.

Jessica Miller gave birth to her first child, Keylan Juwan-Agee Miller. shortly after graduating from Spartanburg High School last year. Jessica is on a college-bound track with dreams of starting her own business one day and wants to be able to support her son.

Mentors, social workers, community advocates and nurses are all working to help make the Northside a healthy neighborhood where people choose to live and choose to stay.

Each year, asthma attacks send tens of thousands of California children to the emergency room. Some are admitted to the hospital for days. In 2010, the state had more than 11,000 such admissions, costing an average of $19,000 apiece. Pollution plays a role.

A loncheria cart in the parking lot of a tire store in Globeville. Credit: Stephen Swofford

The smell of chemicals in Globeville, Colo., isn't a constant presence. But residents there have long questioned what potential health risks might accompany them.

As the Northside residents of Spartanburg, S.C., work to make their community healthy, plans include additional sidewalks as well as new grocery stores and restaurants.



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